Angličtina online - Intermediate - test

Test -  Intermediate                          

Doplňujte ve správném tvaru slova v závorkách.


  1. Hi Peter, what a beautiful new house. You ----------- (buy) it last month, didn´t you? What are you --------- (do)?
  2. I am --------- (measure) the area of the garden. It --------- (measure) 15 by 30 metres.
  3. Then you are a lucky man. I remember that you was ------- (complain, always) about your small garden you owned.
  4. And where is you wife, Peter? I --------- (not, see) her for ages.
  5. I think she must ---------------- (go) shopping because she asked me in the morning, where is my wallet.
  6. And Peter, --------(hear, already) that nearly 5 laptops  -------- (steal) from the local shop?
  7. Yes, my friend -------- (tell, already) me what ------------- (happen) last night.
  8. It ´s --------------- (shock).
  9. I think I should ------------ (buy) an alarm.



  1. bought, doing
  2. measuring, measures
  3. complayning
  4. haven´t seen her
  5. have gone
  6. have you already heard, have been stolen
  7. has already told, happened
  8. shocking
  9. buy